The Man Without a World

Eleanor Antin, 1992, U.S.

One of the most unusual, artistic and fabulous films from American Indie history, THE MAN WITHOUT A WORLD is credited to legendary Soviet director Yevgeny Antinov...but that is far from the whole truth. Antinov is nothing but a persona created by contemporary filmmaker Eleanor Antin, a world-renowned artist, author and performer who's exhibited her work at museums and galleries around the world. Through her performative artwork, Antin explores and reimagines history, portraying the Crimean War under the guise of nurse Eleanor Nightingale or skewering racism by becoming famous Black ballerina Eleanora Antinova. This first feature-length film by the visionary director collects an amazing cast and crew including Pier Marton, Christine Berry, Anna Henriques, Marcia Goodman, Don Sommese and more.


  • 98 min
  • B&W
  • In English


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