"I'm the daddy now!" Ray Winstone as Carlin in Alan Clarke's SCUM
Ray Winstone as Carlin in Alan Clarke's SCUM
"Up your %&*#$@ borstal!" Alan Igbon as Meakin in Alan Clarke's SCUM
Ray Winstone as Carlin and Mick Ford as Archer in Alan Clarke's SCUM
The young cast of inmates in Alan Clarke's SCUM
Julian Firth as Davis in Alan Clarke's SCUM
John Blundell (center) as the cruel Pongo, with Ray Burdis (Eckersley) and Phil Daniels (Richards) in Alan Clarke's SCUM
John Judd as Sands, one of the screws, and a bloodied John Blundell as Pongo in Alan Clarke's SCUM
Peter Howell (with megaphone) as the Governor, flanked by his screws in Alan Clarke's SCUM
Alrick Riley as Angel in Alan Clarke's SCUM
Ray Winstone, as Carlin, readies for a fight in Alan Clarke's SCUM


Alan Clarke, 1979, U.K.

NEW RESTORATION! A landmark expose of Britain's violent reform schools, Alan Clarke's Scum is a controversial shock to the system. Originally made for TV in 1977, the BBC withheld the program from release, due to its intense depictions of suicide, rape and racism. Refusing to be censored, Clarke reshot the film as a theatrical feature in 1979, making his attack on the borstal system even more scathing, and it is the latter, more vitriolic version that is available from Kino Lorber.

Scum tells the story of Carlin (Ray Winstone, The Departed), a new reform school inmate with a reputation as a hard case. The authorities encourage gang leader Pongo (John Blundell) to humble Carlin, but he beats Pongo down and takes over the mantle of Daddy. The guards institute a reign of terror and neglect, with Carlin emerging as an unlikely leader. One of the most important British features of the last 35 years, Scum still packs a wallop.


  • 96 min
  • Color
  • In English


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  • DCP
  • DVD

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